We're Kate Hagen and Jack McDonald. We're writing partners and partner partners.

Kate Hagen originally hails from Cincinnati, OH where she spent much of her time inventing melodramatic back stories for her Barbies. A steady diet of HBO, Blockbuster, and books led her to a love of film, and eventually to Columbia College in Chicago where she graduated in 2012 with a BA in Film & Television with a focus in Screenwriting.  Kate currently works as the Director of Community at The Black List, and in addition to her experience as a script reader, has also worked within the Los Angeles and Chicago public school systems with STAR Education and the Center for Community Arts Partnerships.

Jack McDonald was raised in Greensboro, NC where he routinely invented elaborate back stories for his Lego projects. Combined interests literature, acting, and music led him to film. After attending Duke University, writing for the Durham Independent Weekly and Fangoria, Jack made his way to Chicago where he co-founded the Abraham Werewolf theater company, where he wrote, directed, and performed. He graduated from Columbia College in 2012 with a BA in Film & Video, and currently works as a script reader for Route One Films

Kate and Jack met in Chicago in 2011, and soon after, made the decision to move to LA together as a part of Columbia College's Semester in LA program. They've been writing together since 2013.  Interests include:  retro genre filmmaking (especially horror), kitsch, camp, and pulp aesthetics, and character-driven stories. 

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Kate -  @thathagengrrl 

Jack -  @theprincehal